MROinsider Brings Transparency to Mx Services


MROinsider is making maintenance services more transparent. As an aviation maintenance bidding website, the Michigan-based company brings pilots, owners, operators, and MRO providers together while improving the customer experience. It launched at the NBAA convention in 2017 and has since registered approximately 140 corporate aircraft, 30 general aviation aircraft, and 21 facilities.

With an online account, customers looking for MRO services can register their aircraft and request bids from maintenance facilities registered on the website. After a maintenance facility submits a quote, customers can decide whether or not to accept the bid. If a bid is accepted, the facility is notified, and reminders will be sent to the customer and the facility the day before maintenance is scheduled. MROinsider also incorporates a confidential rating system for both customers and MRO facilities.

Last month, MROinsider signed up Wisconsin’s Helicopter Specialties, its first helicopter maintenance facility. The company also added multiple full-time account managers to continue building the network of service providers registered on the site. Craig Miracle will cover maintenance facilities in Texas, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska; Guy Shaghaw will cover facilities in Georgia and Florida; and Jacob Kingsley will cover maintenance in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Looking forward, MROinsider co-founder and v-p of sales Andy Nixon told AIN that the company hopes to increase transparency in maintenance services even more by introducing a mobile app. The app would help customers and facilities communicate throughout the entire maintenance process. MROinsider also wants to introduce maintenance tracking services to help customers maintain their aircraft records.

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